Recommended Podcast : Mad Fientist vs. MMM

PodcastThe purpose of this blog is to help people achieve financial independence.

So, whilst I enjoy writing, this blog should be more than just an outlet for my schoolboy humour and rhetorical flourishes.

That means that when the best content has been created elsewhere, I will point readers to that content.  I’ve previously posted great articles that I wish I’d written myself on the blog here and here.

Whilst this blog may deal with philosophy and motivation, its objective is always to get practical results.  I don’t just want you to read about financial motivation and chuckle, I want you to get rich. Properly rich, in all senses of the word.

A written blog can be a powerful way of conveying information. The pen can be mightier than the sword and all that.

But our evolutionary history means that many of us learn better by oral conversations than we do from the written word.

We absorb information through a variety of senses. Vocal tonality, emphasis and body language often convey as much information as the pure content. This is one of the reasons why face to face coaching works so powerfully.

To give another (slightly sexier) example, imagine the difference between learning French by reading a schoolbook alone in Birmingham versus learning French from your Parisian girlfriend / boyfriend in Montmartre.  Not only is one more fun than the other, its also much quicker and more effective because the human interaction increases your motivation.

Almost all of my ~20 year journey to Financial Independence was made alone and in the dark. I had never even heard of the concept of FI, let alone found FI books, blogs and podcasts.  So the earning, saving and investing part I did all by myself and I’m quite proud of that.  But I would have reached FI several years earlier, if I’d had a FI role model / mentor / coach.

Its not enough just to have enough, you also have to realise that you have enough. To do this, requires understanding the mental and emotional aspects of personal finance. Or to put it another way, understanding the personal in personal finance.

To gain the courage to quit my job, I still needed to free my mind. For me, it was invaluable to listen to podcast interviews with people that had already achieved FI. This was a key part of the process of climbing out of my rut and effecting change.

So I’ve embedded below one of the podcast interviews that I personally found most helpful as I was preparing to make The Jump.  I also think its helpful for people much earlier on in their journey to FI, serving as a reminder of the end objective.

I know some of you will have heard it before.  If so, why not listen again? I find that repetition helps the messages to sink in. For those that haven’t heard it before…enjoy!

The Escape Artist

Follow up reading and resources:

The Mad Fientist podcast website and on itunes

Mr Money Mustache website

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You can escape to financial freedom...

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