The Choose FI podcast

Alan Donegan and I did a podcast about the UK path to financial independence over at the popular American podcast Choose FI.

Click here to listen to the episode. Enjoy!


You can check out my other interviews / podcasts here.


  1. One of my favourite bloggers on one of my favourite podcasts! I can’t wait to listen to this episode! Amazing 🙂

  2. I loved this. I’ve been listening to Choose FI and a few other American podcasts for around a year. So happy to hear the things thought to be the same and different with our US friends reaching FI. Will explore your blog and Alan’s site as well as the others you mentioned in the podcast. I’m happily on this journey with my like minded partner (we are both self employed) and would love to have conversations around FI with other UKers.

  3. dawnmartyne · · Reply

    Wow LOVED that interview!
    TEA is my fav blog, what Barney says just seems to resonate with me
    I loved the question to Barney ‘whats your biggest mistake’ he replied selling at the market bottom 2003 and then not making that mistake in 2008 instead this time doing the opposite and investing more instead.
    Im going to have to hang on to those wise words of experience like hell.
    Im one year away from FI [25X annual income] this doesnt include what state pension id be getting [full amount] later and a house i will let out……… thats extra]
    But, back to my portfolio…Ive never been this high in equites and face a crash yet so God help me, Ive been doing stress tests to see how ill react but what Barny said really hit deep….THATS WHAT IVE TO DO. Learn from his mistake and do not panic and sell at the bottom. im 40 % cash/bonds 60% equities so i dont think im overly exposed.
    One day the rest of the world might wake up to this FI concept,
    Ive met no one yet that understands this .its all about buying stuff to be happy’ debt working all your life living in a big house etc
    welcome on board Erene and Sara above…. this FI and investing ive found to be more a man thing
    so great to see more ladies showing interest .they do say women make better investors!
    Ive been self employed 32 years as a mobile hairdresser and for a time Cabaret Artiste so ive never made big bucks but im nearly there!. My first taste of FI was when i paid off my mortgage years ago .Ive always been a good saver and invested in property .
    But then with large cash reserves doing nothing i discovered how to invest and live off an equity portfolio, low cost, DIY.
    Thanks again Barney.

  4. Steve Follows · · Reply

    Hi Barney

    It was great to hear you with Brad & Jonathon today, I saw you on ch.4 not long after discovering the FI movement myself through Monevator, which itself I found after wanting more info on personal finance beyond Martin Lewis. I’ve had your blog ready to read for a while but still working my way through MMM & Jim Collins.
    There are some of us in the UK but as you said on the podcast it’s far more fragmented and a very small minority here compared to US….. Ch.4 didn’t grasp the idea & neither much do friend’s & family I talk to, they just label me as tight rather than wise!
    My summary is I came out of a divorce in 2010 with just enough for a deposit on a house as my ex got our previous home due to our 2 children, but I was determined to get back to the same positive financial position that I was in before divorce asap.
    I cleared all debt I’d taken on for furniture etc, overpayed mortgage & started investing into Sipp & ISA. I’ve also just transferred out of my DB pension into a SIPP which together with my circa 50% savings rate from my job in Engineering should enable FI for me when I hit 55 in 5yrs time.
    Thanks again for a great listen today and it will also push me to send some grateful feedback to Brad & Jonathon from the UK, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

    Steve F

    1. ladyaurora · · Reply

      Good for you steve you sound like my sort of man.
      As yousaid looking for more info beyond martin lewis!
      I started a bit late but 54/55 is my FI point.
      Its still darn good!!!

  5. Great listen. Equally as great getting the British voice out there in a US-led arena. Cheers TEA

    1. ladyaurora · · Reply


  6. Wow – I’ve just listened to your podcast and I can honestly say it was the Best that I have listened to in years. I thoroughly enjoyed it and just wanted to drop you a comment to say Thank You !!!

    I have followed you for a number of years now and I honestly feel that if there was ever a man to write and publish a UK version of “Your Money or Your Life” or achieving FI in the UK then it is you. Please get a book out there with TEA slant and style on it. I would even buy it brand new, which is breaking the habit of a lifetime for me !!!

    Once again Thank You for all the great work you do for your readers.👍

  7. Have been a fan of your blog for a few years so it was great to hear you on the podcast (I’ve not listened to that one before). Everything you said came across so well. Good work on representing the UK FI community.

  8. jamesethorpe · · Reply

    Absolutely loved this podcast, good job!

  9. It was a great podcast, and it was so nice to hear non-American voices there. I’m only a bit sad that we only discovered FI and saw that there were people like you in the UK after we moved away from the UK this year.

    All the best!

  10. Great to hear a UK podcast on FI for a change as they all seem to be US focussed. When will the TEA Podcast start?

  11. Thanks to this podcast I am now an avid reader of your blog, really good content! I hope to meet you at the UK FI club one day soon!

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