I did a video interview with Ken who blogs at The Humble Penny.  He came round to chat about the role that fear can play in motivating you to take action and other stuff related to financial independence, blogging and life in general.

You can see his write up of our interview over at The Humble Penny here.

I also did an interview with Araminta, who blogs at Financially Mint.

As well as being a student, Araminta is a bit of a personal finance whizz.  She manages to combine her studies in Edinburgh with working, blogging and side hustles.

When you’re in debt, your compounding machine is stuck in reverse gear. So paying for college without taking on a crippling amount of student debt is a big issue.  I was lucky to go to university before tuition fees…today’s students definitely have it harder on that front. This means that frugality, part time / holiday jobs and fresh thinking are more important than ever.

Araminta is a great example of what’s possible and has some interesting thoughts on getting through college with as little debt as possible…which you can check out over at Financially Mint.

Here’s a recording of our chat:



If you’d like more, I recently pulled together various interviews (TV, podcasts, press) and put them all in one place….see the Interview Page here.


  1. “a crippling amount of student debt” – this may be so in the USA, but in England not. The ‘debt’ is very different from a car loan or a mortgage. It should be seen more as a Graduate Tax. You only pay a percentage of your salary above a certain threshold. It doesn’t matter if the ‘debt’ is £50k or £500k, you still pay the same and any remaining balance is wiped after 30yrs.

  2. I love this interview. I also like your definition of FI. I think it’s a hard question to answer as it can mean something different to different people.

    Little Miss Fire

    1. Thank you LMF…yes, it (FIre) definitely means different things to different people…there is not just one truth… not just one way to live

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