What have we learned in 2020?

Reflecting back on investment / money / life lessons learned so far in 2020 in this interview with Andy Hart on The Maven Money podcast.

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  1. […] And TEA chats with Andy Hart of the Maven Money podcast on the same topic (23) […]

  2. TEA – I’ve been a very avid reader over the years and a huge fan, thank you for all the articles. Quick question – I’ve got a feeling that one of the articles you’ve written has disappeared. I remember showing my wife an article about the over-reaction from the media about COVID and it ended with you going to the pub. But I can’t find it any more – have I lost my mind? 🙂

    1. The answer to this is on The Escape Group Facebook page!


  3. Few too many interruptions towards the end for my liking, but otherwise a good podcast.

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