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Welcome! If you are interested in financial freedom, then you are in the right place.

The blog

This website is my shop window. It’s free and in full view on the internet where anyone can find it and learn from it.

This website is where I explain the basic concepts of financial independence as simply as possible for a wide range of readers.

I want it to help people going through tough times. I can’t save the world but I can share the ideas that helped me when I was down and struggling to get back up again. Think of it as a catalyst for improvement to help anyone prepared to do the work.

We are playing positive sum games here. If the content helps one person who improves their life and others notice, the effect spreads. So please pay it forward and share with anyone you think it could help.

The Escape Artist is about how to escape to financial freedom.

But it also has many sub-themes. It is anti-consumerism, pro-individual responsibility, pro-social mobility, pro-rationality, pro-free speech, pro-environment, pro-health and pro-masculinity.

This is an unconventional mix and so it’s not for everyone. It’s aimed at independent free-thinkers; this is not a cult and it’s not an echo-chamber.

It’s not a FIRE blog. The whole idea of never working again is overdone. Once you have runway and are happy working on your own terms, you have won the game. You do not need the magic 25x to win. That is just The Hook.

Money is just a means to an end; freedom is the goal. If you could only choose health or wealth, you would be better off with health. Fortunately you can have both. So everything on the blog will help you become healthier and wealthier and more free.

Unfortunately, society seems to be set up to encourage weakness and consumption. Most anxieties in The West have biochemical root causes (coupled with poor mindset).

How to reduce financial anxiety in 5 simple steps:

I’m not here to prove that I’m right or that anyone else is wrong. It’s not a public debating forum, it’s my blog.

The downside of a public blog is the trolls, nitpickers and self-appointed internet censors. And that was before The Culture Wars sent woke peasants off into the night with pitchforks and torches looking for fights online.

Then, during Covid, this website apparently got downranked by the Google algorithm when I wrote an article that referenced lockdown. Overnight my page views went from ~10,000 per day to less than 1,000 per day. It seems that if you anger The Gods of Big Tech then vengeance swiftly follows.

I eventually realised that it made sense to move most of my new content onto email and my private site The Escape Manual (see below).

The email list

My email list is where new articles appear first. It’s where I try out new ideas.

I aim to publish a new article by email roughly once a week. A few of the email articles may end up on The Escape Artist blog but most will not. So you really should sign up to my email list.

Once you’ve signed up, you have the choice to unsubscribe yourself at any time. Please don’t then subsequently email me asking to be added back as Mailchimp does not allow me to add back people who have chosen to unsubscribe.

If you want to speak to me, please send me an email. You can just hit reply and respond to any of my emails. I am much more likely to respond to people that use their real name (seems only fair as you know mine).

I like being told when I’ve got things right but I also like being told when I’ve got things wrong (i.e. factually incorrect). You get extra points for telling me something that I could improve or topics that you’d like to see covered.

I can’t respond to every email because my time is limited and my coaching clients come first but I read every email.

The Escape Manual

The Escape Manual is my advanced “how to” guide to personal finance and investing. If The Escape Artist sets out the philosophy, The Escape Manual covers the execution of the plan.

When you sign up you get access to a private website. It has taken me over a year to build up all the content on The Escape Manual.

The Escape Manual is an alternative to traditional financial advice. The problem with the traditional model of % fees and commissions is that it’s expensive and often extractive. It transfers wealth from the customers to the financial advisers without the customer realising how much they are paying.

Under the traditional model, the money gets taken from the client and the knowledge stays with the financial adviser, promoting a dependency relationship.

Better to find yourself a teacher. I teach clients how to make their own informed financial decisions.

It’s not for people that want everything done for them. I don’t give regulated investment, tax or legal advice. I don’t give product recommendations and I don’t take your money away to invest. You have to make your own decisions. In short, it’s about teaching people to “fish” rather than selling them fish.

The Escape Manual contains my best content including a lot of advanced material.  Please do not sign up for The Escape Manual until you are out of debt, have the basics of personal finance already in place and are ready to invest in yourself.

Financial coaching

What if you could have one on one coaching from a mentor that had already done it? Someone that knew the traps along the path to financial independence. This will be way quicker than trying to learn everything on your own.

This is what I do in my one to one financial coaching. I recently updated the options to give more choice between:

  • Option 1 : Annual membership : all the private content plus 2 hours coaching
  • Option 2 : Annual membership : just the written content
  • Option 3: Single coaching session

I think of myself as a professional problem solver. When I worked in corporate finance, I helped solve complex problems for sophisticated clients. But I am a generalist (more fox than hedgehog). For me, the ultimate test is effectiveness and practical application in the real world.

This means that I talk with clients about anything that will help them improve their financial and life situation. This covers a lot and so the conversations can range very wide and beyond just finance and investing.

The coaching tends to be bought by a highly sophisticated audience. I realised a few years ago that the coaching was attracting a pretty high-powered class of person when I found myself coaching someone working at NASA (identity protected, they have since moved on).

I don’t tell people how to save a few pennies on a tin of beans from the supermarket. It’s often more like high end career coaching or business coaching where people are at big forks in the road in their lives and considering moving jobs / careers / countries / relationships etc or considering selling their business etc.

Successful people have advisers, coaches and mentors. We learn organically by observing, talking and discussing with people who are further along The Path.

Why wouldn’t you get the best help you can?

The new content is on my email list so if you’d like to see new articles please sign up here:

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  1. I need to do this on my blog. Every now and then it’s good to focus on the core elements of your writing and telling readers what to expect when they join. Thanks again!

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