Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 32

Some said the NOW FI! franchise was dead…

…many certainly hoped that was the case.

Some said that that it should be banned.

Others said it should be put in a museum where nobody could be offended by it.

But where would be the fun in that?

The Chains (Joel Madison Blount)

The Escape Artist is not just a blog about money. It’s about financial freedom, wealth and health in the widest sense.

It’s about The System (sometimes referred to as The Matrix but referred to here as The Prison Camp). And no, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories…shit happens and things just turned out this way.

The FIRE movement was supposed to set us free. But consumerism was just one mental trap amongst many.

The chains include all forms of propaganda, cults, dogma, conformity and groupthink. Have you noticed any of that in the last 3 years??

Creation (Seven Lions)

Repeated lockdowns were a giant leap backwards for public health and a mental health disaster.

To be fair, the problem started long before 2020. Modern life is disconnecting people from nature. If you spend all your life indoors under flourescent lights, eating processed food, hunched over staring at a screen you will eventually get sick.

The antidote is simple: get outdoors, get sunlight, get exercise.

Walking in nature is as mysteriously beneficial as sleep. People underrate it because it seems so mundane (plus its hard to monetise). There is something deeply calming and restorative about being in nature. Parks and gardens are good but wilderness is better…beaches, moorland, mountains, deserts, coastline and woodland.

Money (The Flying Lizards)

Money is just a tool, it’s the spade that allows us to dig out of the Prison Camp.

Don’t get me wrong. Money is super important. But it’s just a means to an end.

You have to know what you want in life…and, for me, financial security and freedom are the goals.

I feel like this song came from a simpler and more honest age. The lyrics and stripped down melodies feel rather stark in 2022 but at least the lead singer gets straight to the point and spares us the bullshit.

Edamame (bbno$ & Rich Brian)

Society sets porn and social media thirst traps everywhere for young men. Why the fuck does OnlyFans even exist? Have some self respect ffs.

It’s time to take the *simp* out of simple living.

Here Rich Brian and bbnos$ celebrate achieving financial independence and reflect on some of the challenges that they faced in their relationships along the way. The lyrics are hilarious. Hit the CC button on Youtube to get subtitles.

The song finishes with the immortal line “Never ever fold for a thottie, that’s an oath”. Wise words indeed.

Hype (Dizzee Rascal)

Included just for the line “I’m a bad boy and I do what I like”.

Yoga (BBno$)

Baby No Money (Bbno$) recognises that health is wealth in this compelling argument for some form of mobility practice as part of your health regime.

BBNo$ eschews easy stereotypes and explores alternatives to traditional gender roles.

Bbno$ is the poet we needed for a post-woke generation and I commend his their work to you.

Hustle (Pink)

Here’s my take on side hustlez.

I’m in favour of working flexibly (whether part time or as an interim exec or a contractor) and/or starting a lifestyle business either before or after financial independence. It is a wonderful thing to be a solotrepreneur.

But many of the MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!! wheezes out there are scams a waste of time for people with proper jobs.

No Limits (2 Unlimited)

Most people are not ready to be rich. Observe the curse of lottery winners who have not done the necessary work.

Limiting beliefs work in a number of ways to stop people getting rich.

Remember, a limiting belief is a belief that isn’t true but the fact you think it is, holds you back.  If you think that it’s impossible to get a great job, then you will never even apply. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your beliefs drive your actions which drive your results.

I Fought The Law (Green Day)

I’ve always wondered…why do so many rich people keep pushing the envelope even after they are rich and famous and have everything to lose?

Recently I have been amused by the spectacle of the aptly named Sam Bankman-Fried blowing up his $30bn fortune and his *oh-so-sophisticated* hedge fund in The Bahamas. It seems that SBF stole / lost maybe $10 billion of client money?

How could this be when he seemed so nice and preached frugality, effective altruism and veganism?!?

It remains to be seen whether SBF’s donations to US politicians will keep him out of prison. But why risk prison and bankruptcy after you have made it? It’s bonkers. Once you have won the game, it’s time to manage down your risk and pay your taxes with good grace.

Personal integrity is an important part of wealth creation (and preservation).

Plus I’m too good looking to go to prison.

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