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Reader case study : An Indie Chick Escapes

Just in case you were wondering, The Escape Artist does not claim to be unbiased.  So let me declare some of my biases upfront. Firstly, I’m biased in favour of financial independence and spreading its ideas to a wide a range of people as possible. Did I mention that Financial Independence is for Everyone? Yes, […]

Can you become a millionaire on a fireman’s salary?

I met The Fireman at a recent FI London meet up.  He’s a really good guy with a fascinating back story which he agreed to share. The Escape Artist is always on the lookout for interesting reader case studies where people achieve what looks at first glance to be impossible.  How about creating a multi-million pound property and […]

Reader Case Study : Freedom through Self Employment

Here at The Escape Artist we’re talking about how to achieve freedom and happiness. There are different routes to these destinations. I’ve written about holding down a stressful job and investing your way to financial independence because that’s what I did. But there are other ways to achieve greater freedom in your work and in your […]

Getting paid to ski : Reader case study

I got an intriguing email from Sam, a financially independent reader of this blog, that mentioned how, in his 40s, he and his wife Bella got paid to ski by working as chalet hosts. As both had previously been IT professionals,  I loved what this said about breaking pre-conceived ideas about status so I followed up […]

10 years out of the Camp: Reader Case Study

One of the recurring themes of The Escape Artist is that success is easier when we find the (rare) people that have demonstrated success and built a well-balanced life and then listen to them. This sounds ridiculously obvious but The Escape Artist has observed that most people don’t do this. For some reason, people find it really hard to ask for help.  They ignore […]

The Lightbulb Moment: Reader Case Study

I recently got a comment on the site from a reader asking for a recommendation for an economics textbook to read. Economics textbooks are Boring but the comment had some background revealing a spark of ambition that intrigued me. So I asked the reader to email me some more details and together we produced a […]