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Get Rich…being British?!?

Today we have a guest post from a reader who I’ve called The Dragon Queen. The Dragon Queen hails from Scotland, did a 15-year stint in London and now lives and works in Singapore. Her partner lives in Australia, so Financial Independence will mean they can finally live on the same continent(!). I first met […]

Get Rich…with Hobbies!

You may remember Chloë who wrote the excellent Get Rich With Other People (Part 2).  Of my several thousand close personal friends (ahem), Chloë is my favourite lesbian vegan eco-hippy. Chloë, who is super-smart, sassy and generally awesome has something called a “sense of humour”. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, a “sense of humour” […]

The Choose FI podcast

Alan Donegan and I did a podcast about the UK path to financial independence over at the popular American podcast Choose FI. Click here to listen to the episode. Enjoy! You can check out my other interviews / podcasts here.

Guest post : Our gap year for grown ups

What if there were a secret community of people roaming the world on gap years…or even on perpetual holiday? Last year I got an intriguing email from Jason, a reader who explained how what had started as a gap year for grown ups turned into something more.  When I was in the Prison Camp, I had no […]

10 ways to slash your home energy bills

The less you need to spend, the quicker you get to financial independence. So attack recurring costs like a Rottweiler!  Home energy costs are a good example. When The Escape Artist needs specialist knowledge, he looks for someone independent who knows what they are talking about. As it happens, I recently bumped into an expert who advises householders on energy cost reduction and who kindly agreed to […]

An interview with The Man

Some weeks I write a new article that I just can’t wait to share with you. This is not one of those weeks. The Escape Artist is on holiday (from what exactly? you may well ask) and has written nothing.  But that doesn’t matter because here at The Escape Artist I share the best insights […]

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

This week I am featuring an article from Free to Pursue, a Canadian blogger who writes about personal finance and related lifestyle matters including great stuff on subjects as varied as Zombies, Flowers and House. The article deals with the strange social convention of spending large amounts of money on diamond engagement rings.   This is one of those habits […]