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Sex, Salads and Sources

In this article, I will be making outrageous claims and unbelievable statements. I will also be shamelessly shilling a book about your health. If you choose to read on…you were warned. Don’t come crying to me later, snowflakes. You’re not gonna believe this but… I do not expect you to believe a word of this […]

Dopamine, Motivation and The Pursuit of More

Here are three experiments that are free, fun and ridiculously simple to run…yet have the potential to change your life. If combined, these might just transform your motivation and your lived experience (as The Kidz say): 1. Start your day outside2. Have one month off your drug of choice 3. Get daily cold water exposure (e.g. cold showers / natural […]

No News is Good News

I think of The News as like the announcements made over The Tannoy System in The Prison Camp. It’s a loud stream of misinformation, propaganda and general bullshit. I started avoiding The News as a deliberate part of my approach to investing. The aim was to reduce market noise, predictions and prophets of doom. Avoiding The News […]

Get rich…without envy

Regular readers will know that The Escape Artist grew up in a tiny village in the back end of nowhere in rural Cambridgeshire. Eventually my parents decided that our mortgage was not big enough so, when I was 10 years old, we moved from the back end of nowhere to the middle of nowhere. We […]