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Honey, I fired the financial adviser!

One of the great things about a blog is the comments, emails and other feedback from readers.  Best of all are reader success stories like the one I have for you today. Like everything good, the rewards of blogging are not always obvious at first. You diligently tap shit into a computer for several months. You share […]

The Simplicity Portfolio

Investing can be made simple enough for anyone to manage their own investments. Here’s how. Here’s a simple example portfolio using low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from Vanguard. Its no harder for anyone to buy or manage than it would be to open an online bank account.  Its so simple that a child could manage […]

Cashflow is King: Safe Withdrawal Rate

In How Much is Enough? I explained why a portfolio of 25x your annual spending is (probably) enough never to have to work again. If you spend £25,000 per year, this implies a portfolio of £625,000 is enough. This is just a 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), expressed another way. There are different views on this.  Plenty of gloomy people out there […]

Investing with the Automatic Pilot

Over the last few years, investing has been like flying a passenger jet in near perfect weather conditions. Sure, things started off rough in 2008/9, there was the odd squall in 2011 and there have often been storm clouds on the horizon. But, for the most part, there has been a tailwind, no turbulence and the Captain has been […]

How to break up with your wealth manager

Reader: OK, T.E.A. – I’m the customer of a wealth manager or financial adviser and I read your previous post on being screwed.  I’ve a nasty feeling I’m paying a shit load of fees for underperformance but I’m nervous about changing.  It would be hard for me to leave…who would I speak to when the news headlines are […]

The ice sculpture and the turkey

Have you got too much cash? This may sound ridiculous – could there be a more first world problem? But having too much cash sat idle in a portfolio is a common problem. Many smart, hardworking people are good at earning and saving but have a blind spot when it comes to investing. They accumulate cash savings […]

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Day trading: Frankie goes to Vegas

Charlie Munger likes to invert problems. He says he’d like to know where he is destined to die. Why? He explains: “So I can then be sure never to go there”. Similarly, one way to get rich is to think about how to get poor…..and then do the opposite. A good example of this is day trading. […]