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Treats and rewards

I’ve just gone 3 months without alcohol. It’s strange. Alcohol was a big part of my life but now I’ve fallen out of the habit and now seem to be one of those weird “I can take it or leave it” people. The moral of the story seems to be that you can break just about […]

Get Rich without Self-Sabotage

I’m not sure if you noticed but I made a pretty big claim in my last post: This brings us to one of the great taboos of personal finance which is that most people are self-sabotaging. This inconvenient truth gets swept under the carpet in the earnest tone adopted in most personal finance content. This […]

There’s something you need to know about fairness…

One criticism that comes up when anyone suggests getting better with money is that the author doesn’t realise how lucky and privileged they are. This may sometimes be true…but often not in the way that the commenter meant. For example, I never inherited any money and never went to an elite private school. The Escape Artist […]


If you live the philosophy of this site, you will become rich. Slowly but surely, the years will pass by, the cash will roll in and one day you will realise that you have become surprisingly wealthy. Rich enough to buy a Ferrari and annoy your neighbours – only by then, you will not want to do that. Many people […]

Prison Camp? What Prison Camp?

Reader’s voice: I don’t understand….what’s all this stuff about a prison camp?   It’s not 1943 and we are not in Nazi-occupied Poland surrounded by barbed wire, watchtowers and Wehrmacht guards… Let me clarify. That stuff about the World War II prison camp is just a metaphor. It’s actually 2014, and here we are living in the […]