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The alignment of interests (or how much washing powder to use?)

About 10 years ago, I had a lightbulb moment. I was putting some clothes into the washing machine and wondered how much liquid washing powder I should put in. So I looked at the instructions on the bottle which told me to put in 2 capfuls per load. I was running on auto-pilot. In those days […]

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Get Rich with Perspective

Imagine we have a time machine like in Back to the Future. Let’s get in the DeLorean and go back 300 years to visit The Escape Artist’s ancestors.  It’s a short journey…only a few lifetimes ago, an evolutionary blink of an eye. Boom! We’re in 1716. I warn you that, what with this being Eighteenth Century […]

You must unlearn what you have learned

I love this video clip from The Empire Strikes Back. It’s rightly famous for the classic line: Do…or Do Not…There is no Try.  But awesome as that is, my favourite line from the clip is actually: You must unlearn what you have learned. Whilst we are in the Prison Camp we pick up ideas from The […]

Respect your enemy : Advertising

I was recently in London meeting a friend in Soho just around the corner from the Groucho Club. As I walked through Soho, I was struck by the achingly hip bars,  boutiques and offices full of bright young things in the film, music and advertising industries.  Obviously I blended right in. 😉 The Escape Artist has […]

Why cutting spending won’t harm your love life

You needn’t worry that pursuing Financial Independence and cutting your spending will stop you attracting the opposite sex. Here’s why: I’ve heard lots of different objections to pursuing financial freedom. Most of these objections are regularly discussed in other FI blogs. But one that I’ve not seen covered in any depth is the fear that as […]

Eliminate food waste with the CFO’s guide to fridge management

The Escape Artist is an environmentalist. I want us all to live in harmony with the birds, the flowers and the little kittens. At the same time, The Escape Artist believes in capitalism and getting rich. And I don’t see these 2 values as being in conflict. If the human race can reduce waste and its environmental […]

Cherrypicking from the modern world

Many people seem to operate on the assumption that the modern world comes as a bundled package…so we either have to buy everything that everyone else does…or nothing. Not true. The Escape Artist suggests you just take the good bits and leave the rest. This is key to getting your saving rate up above 50%. […]

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You can escape to financial freedom...

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You can escape to financial freedom...


You can escape to financial freedom...

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