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Get Rich with de-monetisation

When I was about 13, I started getting into pop music. From a financial perspective, this started off harmlessly enough listening to the weekly top 40, free on BBC Radio 1. But it didn’t stop there. I started to throw my money around.  I bought blank cassettes (ask your history teacher) and a radio cassette […]

Is it even possible to go one month without alcohol? (Part 2)

Well that was easier than I thought it would be. Just over a month ago, I wrote here about how I was gonna try not to drink alcohol during February. It’s been a fascinating experience. When I first started, felt like it could be one of the harder challenges that I’ve set myself. And that’s […]

Top Cars for smart people

The Escape Artist recommends cycling or walking wherever possible. The main reason is not to save money (although the savings are huge over time). Its the extra life force, happiness and vitality that you get. Oh and great legs as well. But you may want a car for longer journeys. Just remember that cars are Money Incineration […]

Is renewable energy now cheaper for you?

I mostly stick to personal finance…but occasionally we catch a glimpse of The Escape Artist’s secret environmental agenda. So today we are talking about renewable energy in general…and electricity in particular. In the future, electricity will be cheaper.  And, as long as we don’t spend the money saved buying more crap, this will allow us […]

There is always some clown with a bigger boat

Behold the good ship Saint Nicolas, floating gin palace and testament to mankind’s engineering capability. I recently saw this boat up close, moored in the marina near where we were staying on holiday in Sardinia. I’m not sure whether my amateur photography skills adequately portray the sheer scale of the boat. But take it from […]

Get Rich with Perspective (Part 2)

Is it easy to save money or is it hard? Well, that partly depends on your perspective. If you watch TV News you’ll pick up the idea that modern life is tougher than ever, the world is a dangerous and expensive place and there’s nothing you can do about that. If you consume enough of […]


People often struggle to join the dots between their spending choices and the fact that they are broke. To show us what this looks like, I’ve got LunchMoney Lewis to give us a demonstration of how not to manage your personal finances. In real life, I haven’t met LunchMoney.  But let’s assume he’s a wise […]

How to give your children an elite private education (without the cost)

Let’s talk education. The Escape Artist went to Eton, the school that has educated more Prime Ministers and heads of state than any other school in Britain. And, when I say I went there, I mean that outside term time, the school is open to visitors so The Escape Artist paid a few quid to take […]

Where does it all go?

One of my lightbulb moments on The Path to financial independence came from asking myself this question about money: Where does it all go? You can ask this at a personal level (where does your own money go?) or at the level of society (where does everyone’s money go?). Both are great questions to ask. Most people […]

Status Displays : What’s really going on?

One of the tricks to getting to financial independence is thinking for yourself. This is easy…as long as you aren’t a monkey that just does what the other monkeys around you do.  The Escape Artist has noticed that some of those other monkeys seem keen on using their money and time to play expensive status games. […]