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The Principles of Lifehacking

When you are tackling a challenge like getting to financial independence, there are lots of choices to be made along the way. To make good choices, we need an operating system that allows us to get stuff done more effectively. Once you have your operating system up and running, life and the journey to financial independence become much […]

How much is enough?

It was my last day at work. I was in a handover meeting with a client to introduce the new account handler.  The client was a private equity firm with offices in New York and London and a couple of billion of funds under management. I was treated to a rare conversation with the Big […]

Financial freedom

The Mexican Fisherman

I thought everyone knew the story of The Mexican Fisherman but apparently this is not the case.   Apologies to those that already know it well, but for everyone else this traditional parable (author unknown) is required reading… An American businessman was standing at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with […]