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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning to achieve the best investing results that you can.

But the problem with traditional investing magazines and information services is that their interests often conflict with yours.  Traditional investing magazines want more subscribers so they run the stories most likely to catch our attention and play on our emotions (especially fear and greed).

Investment magazines like The Investors Chronicle and Moneyweek provide loads of recommendations every week.  And then more next week.  If you follow their lead you’ll just burn your money on brokers fees. Over-trading kills your investment returns.

One of the The Principles of Lifehacking is to align your interests with experts that have an edge and no conflict of interest with you.  This is important in every area of life but particularly when investing.

So, for people that want to learn about investing and how to run a real life portfolio, I offer the portfolio information service.

For almost 20 years, I got paid to value companies. I read every classic investment book. I read everything that Warren Buffett wrote.  I learnt about why we humans find it so hard to invest rationally. And, over time, I made a surprising discovery. Which is that I was getting better returns than most overpaid fund managers sat in big shiny offices in the City.

With the service, you can see how to choose an online broker, how to assess shares, funds, ETFs and bonds.  I show you how I identify great companies. I show you how I value shares and indexes. And I show you how I reduce risk and build wealth for the long term.

You see what’s in my portfolio at all times. I show you all my transactions and explain my reasons.  I provide valuable information, commentary and model index tracking portfolios which I keep updated based on market conditions.

Q: Who is it for?

It’s for intelligent people who manage their own portfolio and understand the potential risks and rewards of investing in the stock market. It’s for people that want to learn how to be better long term investors so they can build and protect wealth.

It’s not for daytraders and gamblers. I keep transaction costs to a minimum. My average holding period for shares is over 3 years, and so patience is essential.

I have a value investor’s mindset and I seek to minimise risk by buying shares in high quality companies and index trackers at attractive valuations.

It may also be suitable for income focussed investors as all of the shares and index trackers in the portfolio pay dividends.

Q: What will I get as a subscriber?

As a subscriber, you will get:

  • a monthly investment newsletter
  • a regular update (usually weekly) email about investing
  • model index tracking portfolios
  • how I select index funds (valuation, fees, ETFs v funds)
  • how I pick individual shares
  • how I think about asset allocation
  • the ability to ask me questions anytime via email / phone / the site
  • online access 24/7 to what’s in my portfolio
  • immediate notification of each transaction I make

Access gives subscribers the option to replicate some, all or none of my portfolio themselves.  Plus you get access to the full back catalogue of articles since I started in 2014.

Important notice

This service provides information, not advice, and is therefore not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is for investors who can make their own investment decisions without advice. It is provided for information and is not a personal recommendation to subscribers. As with any other information service, you still need to decide what is right for you.

Q: Are you aligned with subscribers?

Yes, everything I own (other than my house) is in this portfolio. So I am 100% aligned with its performance.  I am focussed on protecting and growing wealth over the long term.

The TEA portfolio info service is a better alternative to investing magazines.  News-based media publications have to attract advertising and capture attention.  But investing based on media headlines typically results in you overtrading which means your broker gets rich.

Q: Is it for stockpickers or index investors?

Both. I split the equity element of the portfolio about equally between i) 25 – 30 directly held shares and ii) index trackers.

The direct shares are high quality, dividend paying US, UK or European listed companies, mostly large multinationals.

I use index trackers to achieve global diversification and spread risk.

I also include cash and high quality bonds in the portfolio as a store of value to take advantage of market opportunities.

Everything in the portfolio can be held with minimal fees by an investor with a low cost online broker account.

Q: What is your background? 

As well as having successfully run my own portfolio for 20 years, I have a degree in economics, I’m a qualified accountant and I spent 20 years working in Corporate Finance, specialising in valuing companies.

Q: How good has past performance been?

Below is a summary of the performance of the TEA direct equity portfolio versus the FTSE All Share index. This excludes the index trackers and fixed income elements to give an indication of actual historic stock-picking performance.

All performance data relates to total return (i.e. dividends plus capital gains/losses).  The TEA equity returns are shown after all costs. I have shown the FTSE All-Share index as the benchmark as I am a UK based equity investor.

Although the TEA direct equity portfolio has outperformed the FTSE All-Share over the past 5 years, there is no guarantee as to the future performance of the portfolio.  Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

In addition to the annual results since 2010 shown above, I have also tracked my overall stockpicking returns (dividend income plus change in capital value) over the past 20 years.

As at 31 December 2016,  my overall returns from stock picking have been 13.9% per year over the 20 year period that I have invested in individual shares.  These returns can be further analysed by year of investment (i.e. the year the shares were acquired):returns-31-12-16

This cohort analysis is explained further here.

Again, this does not include the index trackers or cash or bonds element of my portfolio. And, as ever, there are no guarantees as to future performance.

Q: What if I have other questions?

I am always happy to answer questions about the service.  If you are curious or would like to know more about the service, please email me: TEA@theescapeartist.me

I’m also happy to speak on the phone if you’d like an introductory chat; if so please call me on 07985 028700.

Q: How much does it cost?

A subscription currently costs:

  • £250 for a full year’s subscription;
  • £50 for one month’s access.

Q: How do I subscribe?

Please use the Paypal links or bank details below to pay securely and then email me TEA@theescapeartist.me for the log in details.

Secured by PayPal

1 ) Paypal – £250 for one year

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


2 ) Paypal – £50 for one month

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

3 ) Bank transfer to:

Bank:  Lloyds Bank

Sort code: 30 93 20

Account number: 31222860

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  1. eromgiw · · Reply

    This has been a really useful service and having recently renewed I am now on my second year. I’ve certainly learned a lot from TEA!

  2. aussiebrowny · · Reply

    The TEA portfolio service has been a great help to me. It’s given me the confidence to start investing and taught me about some of the key fundamental elements of investing to keep me on the path for the long term. Thanks for providing this TEA, you are helping more and more of us get that much closer to FI and also a more fulfilling life in general.

  3. moorgate man · · Reply

    Having met The Escape Artist some while ago in person at our London offices, we have stayed in touch and I recently signed up for the portfolio service. I have found it simple, easy to use and I plan to use it to inform my retirement investment strategy.

    It has also had the benefit of helping me to crystallise my criteria for investment (focusing on solid firms that have been around a long time, generating free cashflow etc). Before this, I was finding it a challenge to “see the wood for the trees”!

    Would recommend.

  4. Michelle · · Reply

    The portfolio info service is really helpful – I think it’s fantastic you’re willing to share in so much detail.

  5. In addition to the Portfolio Info Service, I can highly recommend TEA’s coaching services. I’ve been investing for a couple of years and have learned more through two coaching sessions (the last one a ROGOF!) and the odd phone call, than all the investing articles I’ve read put together. The face to face sessions have really helped me to change my investing ‘mindset’ and clear much of the fog, the confusion and it has to be said the BS that surrounds investing, to one that just focuses on the key investment fundamentals that separate quality companies from the fashionable and ‘usual suspect’ stocks that always seem draw the attention of the finance media.

  6. […] You don’t have to be condemned to the returns of passive investing. FireVLondon and TEA show it can be done, both these guys work(ed) in finance. I would suspect Monevator does better […]

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