Playing with FIRE


The London premiere of the Playing with FIRE movie will be held from 6pm on Wednesday 12 June at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Art (RADA) 16 Chenies Street London WC1.

There will be drinks and chat before the film and then a live Q&A session afterwards.  Come along and meet the director (Travis Shakespeare), The Mad Fientist, Millennial Revolution and others.

The film is not for profit, its objective is to spread the message of the financial independence movement. But it costs a lot of money to make a film (and hire a central London venue) so there is a charge (£20 per ticket). I am acting as (unpaid!) organiser alongside Ken from The Humble Penny and all proceeds will go towards covering the costs of the film and the screening.

The first tranche of 100 tickets sold out in 48 hours and the remaining tickets are on sale here :


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