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Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 10

The Escape Artist is back once again in the guise of a music critic from the NME…armed with earnest prose, tortuous metaphors and psycho-babble to review more classic songs about financial independence. I know what you’re thinking…not another one.  Can’t he go back to writing stuff like The Simplicity Portfolio that’s better than you’d get […]

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The Escape Artist recommends…

Yeah Mr TEA, we’re loving the fancy psychology…but what about some meat and potatoes?…how about some actionable consumer advice for UK FI-seekers.  Where can we get stuff for less? OK, so this week I’m putting up in one place where I buy my stuff from. In order to beat the system ethically and stick it to The […]

Ketchup from the bottle

I’ve just got back from 2 weeks on holiday in Spain. One of the fun parts of holidays is tuning out from financial markets and thinking about other stuff before returning and seeing what has changed in the portfolio over the period. We stayed in a holiday apartment which did not have Wifi and one of […]