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Lifestyle Inflation and the FI-o-Meter

The conventional wisdom is often wrong.  Sometimes the problem is not the stuff we don’t know. Its that the stuff we think we know is often wrong. I recently learnt something about financial independence that I want to share with you as an example of this.  I had always assumed that earning a higher salary must be […]

Manual labour and the incredible self-removing conservatory

There came a point during my time in the Prison Camp when it felt like money was leaving our bank account like blood spurting out of an arterial wound. This feeling was particularly acute whenever we had work done on our house. I would get back from a long day at the office and it seemed like there […]

10 years out of the Camp: Reader Case Study

One of the recurring themes of The Escape Artist is that success is easier when we find the (rare) people that have demonstrated success and built a well-balanced life and then listen to them. This sounds ridiculously obvious but The Escape Artist has observed that most people don’t do this. For some reason, people find it really hard to ask for help.  They ignore […]

Get Rich…Fast

Its not what you think.  The Escape Artist has not gone mad and turned into a daytrader, timeshare salesman or internet scammer.  Getting rich slowly is easy.  Unfortunately, there is no reliable, legal way to get rich quickly (with the possible exception of running a hedge fund). No, what I am talking about is fasting. […]

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence!

The Escape Artist has previously reviewed films for hidden but valuable lessons for potential escapees.  Lets turn our attention now to music and some classic anthems of financial independence hiding in plain view in the back catalogue of popular culture. All of the songs illustrate various themes of financial independence, although these are not always obvious at first glance. Keep an […]

Total freedom: Week 1

What a week its been! When I first started working aged 21 my vague dream was to work until 40 and then buy a little farm in the English countryside complete with an old Land Rover and some wellies.  Think Shaun the Sheep and you have the picture. I’d have kids who’d roam free outdoors, scrumping apples and making camps in the […]

The School Run : What car?

Its September and the children have gone back to school! With my newly won free time, I’ve been doing the school run.  I cycled with our 8 year old to the local primary school last week and was struck by the cars and the congestion at the school gate.  It was a bit like someone had arranged a  Monster […]