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Scientists find spending doesn’t bring happiness…shoppers carry on anyway

One of the strange things about modern life is that people burn a huge amount of energy trying to earn more money and then spend it all. People must be doing this for a reason….I assume they’re hoping it will bring them happiness? Yet this doesn’t seem to make us all happy.  Studies show that we’re not really any happier now […]

You can be too careful

We all develop a money blueprint during our early years. As part of this, we pick up partial truths about money and other things from well-meaning people around us in childhood. So Granny may have told us that we can’t be too careful and we take that as if it were a literal truth that applies in all situations. […]

Ridiculous Spending? What Ridiculous Spending?

The Escape Artist often talks about ridiculous spending as one reason why many people aren’t as rich as they should be. This prompted one commenter on the blog recently to say that here in Britain they saw little evidence of ridiculous spending around them. Now this might be true for them. If you are a hill […]