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The secrets to changing your habits

We humans are habit machines.  We get into habits and then run on those habits every day. There is a good reason for this. Habits allow us to make decisions on autopilot. Good habits help us get things done efficiently without having to think and agonise over decisions. Habits can also have big downsides.  Ridiculous spending […]

Get Rich with Perspective (Part 1)

Imagine we have a time machine like in Back to the Future. Let’s get in the DeLorean and go back 300 years to visit The Escape Artist’s ancestors.  It’s a short journey…only a few lifetimes ago, an evolutionary blink of an eye. Boom! We’re in 1716. I warn you that, what with this being Eighteenth Century […]

Ridiculous Spending? What Ridiculous Spending?

The Escape Artist often talks about ridiculous spending as one reason why many people aren’t as rich as they should be. This prompted one commenter on the blog recently to say that here in Britain they saw little evidence of ridiculous spending around them. Now this might be true for them. If you are a hill […]

Cloud storage for your possessions

Imagine you want to watch a film. The cheapest way is to wait for the film to run on free TV. But what if you want to watch it as soon as possible and are prepared to dip into your Freedom Fund to get it? You have a choice. You can either buy the physical […]