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The Compound Advantages of Hard Choices

As much as I like to like to encourage people to get better with money, I wouldn’t describe reaching financial independence as easy. Sure, it’s not like coal mining by hand or ploughing a field without a tractor. But society today has a way of offering us easy options. The problem with easy choices is […]

RESET : How one family changed their life

Until recently, I’d not come across a UK book about financial independence. That changed a few weeks ago when David Sawyer got in touch and sent me a copy of his book RESET. I get a lot of emails from people wanting to do guest posts…I turn 99% of these down. But Dave caught my […]

Procrastination vs. Just Doing It

For years, I’d wanted to run a marathon. But for years I’d been too busy procrastinated and avoided the 26 mile challenge. In an attempt to fix this, a year ago I publicly declared in You can be too careful that I WOULD run a marathon. I was trying to hold myself accountable.  But how quickly the time […]