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Financial independence is for Everyone (Part 1)

One of the funny things about financial independence is hearing the objections made against it.  Most are pitifully thin. For example, one of the more bizarre criticisms is that financial independence is only relevant for high earners. Errr…hello???…if you’re not a high earner, its even more important not to piss your money away on ridiculous spending. […]

No news is good news!

I don’t watch The News on TV or read newspaper articles…other than when readers send me the occasional gem. I think of The News as like the announcements made over The Tannoy System in The Prison Camp: a loud stream of misinformation, propaganda and general bullshit. I started avoiding the news as a deliberate part of […]

FITV : The top 10 TV shows of financial independence

Reader’s voice: Hold on…what’s this? Is The Escape Artist suggesting I watch the Gogglebox? Isn’t TV just a form of slow lobotomy for consumer suckers?  Well, yes and no.  True, advertising and TV news are toxic. And, according to Ofcom, the average Briton spends about 4 hours a day watching TV.  With TV (and financial […]