The answers to Life, The Universe and Everything are all here.  Plus schoolboy humour and occasional swearing. The first posts start at the bottom of the page…

Guest Post: Our Gap Year for Grown Ups

Green grass, envy and the Henley Royal Regatta

Get Rich with Perspective (Part 2)

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 8


Bring Home The Revolution

Get Rich with Subtraction (or when less is more)

What is a house?…and can it make you rich?

The British Class System : My Part in its Downfall

How to give your children an elite private education (without the cost)

The inestimable advantages of hardening the fuck up

The Correct Way to Start a Business

What is “Inner Game”?

Get Rich…Watching Films! (Part 3)

Man goes on spending spree, no one hurt

How to get paid to be on TV

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 7

What if you know nothing about investing?

What could work be like after financial independence?

Where does it all go?

Status Displays : What’s really going on?

Called to The Bar: The Minimum Wage Experiment (Part 2)

Big Hat, No Cattle

Book review : Mindset

Stoicism for Winners

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence 6

Baby steps for future millionaires (part 3)

No news is good news!

FITV: The Top 10 TV shows of Financial Independence

Get Rich with…Other People

The 2 types of reality

Procrastination vs. Just Doing It

The Simplicity Portfolio : Now available in your country

The Minimum Wage Experiment

What does “Doing the Work” mean?

We all need a mountain to climb (part 2)

Now That’s What I Call Financial Independence 5

Apply own oxygen mask before helping others (part 2)

The Simplicity Portfolio : 1 year on

The inestimable advantages of living a more natural life

What if everything went horribly right?

Apply own oxygen mask before helping others (part 1)

Seneca Meets Nigel Farage, Doesn’t Panic

International investing is Easy

The secrets to changing your habits

P2P Lending: A warning from The Richest Man in Babylon

I’m better than me

Now That’s What I Call Financial Independence 4

Cohort analysis for active investors

How to hold down a job

Ethical guidelines for escapees

The alignment of interests (or how much washing powder to use?)

Get unstuck : the freeze response in finance

The first million is the hardest

What if Vanguard gets nuked?

Hey everybody! The Emperor is butt naked!

The value of having options

Baby steps for future millionaires (part 2)

How to win an argument

Get Rich with Perspective (Part 1)

Getting paid to ski: Reader case study: 

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence 3

The 3 numbers that can make you a millionaire

January sales and Bozo’s circus

You must unlearn what you have learned

Scientists find spending doesn’t bring happiness…shoppers carry on anyway

What is “The Path”?

Gap years for grown ups

Respect your enemy: Advertising

Why cutting spending won’t harm your love life

10 ways to slash your home energy bills

Dr Evil’s money mindset mistakes

Downton Abbey, Compound Interest and teaching children to be Rich

One year out of the Camp

You can be too careful

Eliminate food waste with the CFO’s guide to fridge management

Understanding your money blueprint

Sex, Money and The Laws of Learning

Honey, I fired the financial adviser!

Baby steps for future millionaires (part 1)

Recommended Podcast #1 : Mad Fientist vs. MMM

Get rich, slim and buff! (no credit card needed)

Cherrypicking from the modern world

An interview with The Man

There is no failure

The Simplicity Portfolio

The City workers festival guide : FAQs

How to quit your job : The Jump

How can I overcome fear?

Phew, what a scorcher! The £90 swimming pool

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence 2

Ridiculous spending? What ridiculous spending?

The Escape Artist recommends…

3 paths to spending like a Jedi

How to cycle a medium sized European country

Dig a well before you are thirsty

Progress, Volatility and the Snowball

Cloud storage for your possessions

Get Rich by …watching films! (Part II)

Financial independence and the Zombie Apocalypse

Lifestyle inflation and the FI-o-meter

We all need a mountain to climb

How much would Sir like to pay for that?

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

Manual labour and the incredible self-removing conservatory

Cashflow is King: Safe Withdrawal Rate

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

Discussing the Escape Plan with your Significant Other

Shopping like Tom & Jerry

Investing with the automatic pilot

Get Rich…Honestly!

10 years out of the Camp: reader case study

Get Rich…Fast

How to quit your job: The Transition

The Principles of Lifehacking

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence!

How to break up with your wealth manager

How much is enough?

The Lightbulb Moment:reader case study

The ice sculpture and the turkey

Total freedom: Week 1

Day trading: Frankie goes to Vegas

The school run: What Car?

The pyramid and the oxygen mask

Pensions: the box in the attic

Ketchup from the bottle

Exercise for the soul

Optimising for happiness

A tale of 2 bear markets

How they did it: 12% per year

Feminism for guys (or how not to be a Walking Wallet)

Contrarianism: Why 1 million lemmings might be wrong

10 Lessons from the Tour de France

Why we spend #1: Status

Top 10 ways to cut spending

Is your financial adviser screwing you?

Top Gear

The Mexican Fisherman


Bear Grylls and the middle ground

Obesity Crisis solved, no fuss required

Stick it to The Man…with equity investing

Get Rich…watching films!

Mortgages…and the Banker’s Jar

Lets make a hedge fund!

Money follows motivation

Prison Camp? What Prison Camp?

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