The Long View

The Long View is my market newsletter information service.

You can invest simply by just buying and holding one global index tracker fund and some cash. And I think most people should stick to something like that. If you are one of those passive investors, good for you…this service is not for you.

But some of us like to explore more active strategies. We like the process of education and entertainment that you get from active investing. This may or may not outperform a simple buy and hold passive strategy and the costs will obviously be higher. There are no guarantees so I am not saying that anyone else should go active.

But it’s what I do and this newsletter is where I write in detail each month about my thought process. I write about how the world is changing and how that affects my investing. I go off piste and write about anything from actively managed funds, individual stocks, gold, crypto-currencies to hedging strategies. The Long View is aimed at intelligent and experienced high net worth investors and not at beginners. It is not free(!).

This information service is provided for information only and is not a personal recommendation to subscribers. As with any other information service, you need to consider your own circumstances and make your own decisions. You retain sole responsibility for your own investment decisions and outcomes. It’s not investment advice and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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