The Escape Manual

Here’s the idea: imagine a detailed how-to manual for money and personal finance.

On The Escape Artist blog I write more about the philosophy and mindset of getting wealthy than the nuts and bolts of finance.

The Escape Manual is a new website for people that just want to learn about personal finance.

So The Escape Manual will be all about the money stuff and all about the details. It’s going to cover all of the key areas of personal finance for someone in the UK who wants to get educated quickly and make their money work hard for them:

  • Over-pay the mortgage or invest?
  • How to choose an platform / online broker to start investing
  • ISAs versus SIPPS versus workplace pensions
  • Student loans: when to take out, when to repay
  • How much insurance should you buy (if any) and when?
  • How to shelter your investments from tax
  • How to think about workplace pensions (and not leave free money on the table)
  • How to save for a deposit on a house (and use tax breaks)
  • When to buy a house / flat versus when to rent?

But it will be more than a website. There will be interaction and community. I plan to do regular “Ask Me Anything” sessions on video as well as Zoom calls. Subscribers will be able to ask questions, watch the answers and talk to me.

It won’t be regulated advice: it’s an information service. It will be written for a wide audience not tailored to any one person. It won’t make product recommendations. You will stay in charge of your own money and you have to make your own decisions.

There will be no adverts, no affiliate links and no product placement. All those things can compromise the integrity and the quality of the content. But it will not be free. It’s going to take work to create and maintain to a high standard so will only be available to subscribers.

It’s going to be written in chapters. I already have my first subscribers who are acting as early adopters / testers to give me feedback in return for a low subscription price. As I build it out, the price will go up.

It will be better than a book in that it will be kept up to date to reflect changes in tax law, changes in regulation or products or other developments. I will be able to change and improve it based on feedback from you and other readers. And it will better than a book because you can talk to the author and ask me questions.

If you would like to be contacted when the site is fully launched, please email me on or sign up below for email updates:

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