I don’t watch The News on TV or read newspaper articles…other than when readers send me the occasional gem. I think of The News as like the announcements made over The Tannoy System in The Prison Camp: a loud stream of misinformation, propaganda and general bullshit. I started avoiding the news as a deliberate part of […]

Reader’s voice: Hold on…what’s this? Is The Escape Artist suggesting I watch the Gogglebox when I could be riding my bike, managing my own portfolio or growing my own veg? Isn’t TV just a form of slow lobotomy for consumer suckers?  Well, yes and no.  True, advertising and TV news are toxic. And, according to […]

Last Thursday evening, a very strange thing happened. A whole bunch of strangers talked to each other!….in London!  I know! It was the first meet up of the Financial Independence London Facebook group that The Escape Artist had attended…at The Old Bank of England pub, Fleet St. In the USA, they have conferences like Fincon […]

Imagine 2 groups of people. The first group are uncomfortable with positive thinking, motivational posters and tanned gurus with headsets bounding around a conference arena urging people to live their dreams. Let’s call this group The Realists.  These people think of themselves as rational.  They believe in science. They don’t believe in Magic Fairydust or Pixie […]

For many years, I’ve wanted to run a marathon. One of the things I love about running is its simplicity. You don’t need fancy equipment…or any shit other than some trainers.  There are no gatekeepers and you don’t need anyone else’s permission. But The Escape Artist has a guilty secret…for years I’ve been “too busy” procrastinated and […]

Back in July 2015, I published The Simplicity Portfolio as my free gift to The People of Britain. And what a gift it turned out to be! In its first year, the Simplicity Portfolio delivered a total return of +12.5% for the version that included 25% cash and +16.3% for the all-equities version. Heroically, The Escape Artist managed this without […]

The Escape Artist has heard many fears expressed about financial independence. One is the understandable fear of eating into your savings.  This often manifests itself in long and boring debates about the Safe Withdrawal Rate. People say things like: “It feels wrong to spend investment income / gains on living expenses…what if I eat into my capital […]

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