Readers voice: What’s that sound that I hear? Is someone scraping the bottom of a barrel?  Is it a dead horse being flogged? or old jokes being processed in a recycling facility? No…its Now That’s What I call Financial Independence 5! The Escape Artist is back once again in the guise of a music critic from the NME…armed […]

A couple of weeks ago I offered some advice to Tim in Apply Own Oxygen Mask before Helping Others. And I wouldn’t change anything that I wrote in the article. But I’ve just finished reading How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams (creator of the classic Dilbert cartoons) and I think it’s worth […]

Just over a year ago, I wrote The Simplicity Portfolio. As has been said before, a year is the time it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun and not necessarily the appropriate period over which to judge investment performance. But The Escape Artist has observed that the world would benefit from some financial education. And the […]

We all want the best in life.  The best for ourselves, the best for our children, our families and friends. So The Escape Artist is probably not going to be able to persuade the world to stop buying shit on the basis that, after 10 – 20 years of “deprivation”, you’ll be rich. We just […]

Having been a pessimist much of my life, I’ve recently been forced to face the possibility that maybe, just maybe, everything is going to be OK. And, quite possibly, a lot better than OK. This means considering upside scenarios that I never used to dare think about. In other words, what if everything went horribly right? […]

A reader sent me an article from the The Guardian in which an anonymous guy (let’s call him Tim) writes an open letter to his wife, pleading with her to get a job. The reader thought the article might be interesting to others, particularly those that had read How not to be a Walking Wallet. Below is […]

Back in the day, Seneca was probably the most powerful person in the world. He advised the Roman emperor Nero. He was an investor. And he was rich, with a fortune estimated at 300 million sesterces. You know in Game of Thrones, they have The Hand of The King? When the King is a child, the Hand is […]

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You can escape to financial freedom...


You can escape to financial freedom...

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