When I was starting my blog seven years ago, I¬†noticed other blogs had small print at the bottom of the page that said: ¬© [Insert name of blogger]. All Rights Reserved I then consulted a book about blogging which also said I needed to include that legal wording. And yet I didn’t. Take a look…it’s […]

Question: What do personal finance writers owe their audience? My answer: we owe the audience the truth. By that I mean that a blogger owes the audience as much honesty as is possible within the constraints of privacy and practicality in real life. I genuinely believe that I owe readers an ethical duty of reasonable accuracy and no […]

Everything in investing seems crazy right now. Valuations seem scary. The rate of change is scary. New technology is scary. You don’t live in the world you were born into. Like it or not, we now live in an exponential age. How to make sense of all the madness? What better way than with some […]

The internet was originally a network of military / government / academic computers. Web 1.0 was based on open protocols: the web was built on the HTTP protocol and email was built on SMTP.  These were the platforms on which website designers and other developers built. The problem for us was that Web 1.0 was mostly static webpages […]

In the classic family game of Russian Roulette, you have a revolver with 6 chambers with a bullet in one. There is a 5 in 6 chance of pulling the trigger with no adverse consequences. So in the majority of spins, playing Russian Roulette is harmless. The problem is obviously that one time out of 6 […]

My Dad once learned how to fly a microlight, a flying contraption that looks like a bit like a hang glider attached to a lawnmower. It’s probably not the safest hobby you could choose. He learned to fly this thing at a rustic airstrip which, by all accounts, was just a grass field with a hedge […]

One of the oddest things about the cultural mood over the last few years is that, putting substance aside, it has encouraged a weird sort of humourlessness on the internet about everything, in a way that removes all fun, colour and energy. Not on my watch though. Being able to laugh at yourself and all […]

It’s amazing how quickly the media narrative shifts. Crypto has gone from being portrayed as the payments network for SPECTRE Criminal Enterprises Inc. to sensible investment in just 18 months. If the speed of this change seems crazy to you, you’re not alone. Everything is speeding up One of the reasons that everything seems crazy these days […]

Would you like to hear something shocking and sacrilegious? Okay…today I am going to make the case against the much loved institutions of recipes, cookbooks and celebrity chefs. Yes, I realise how popular celebrity cookbooks are. And yes, maybe Nigella Lawson was hot in her day? Maybe Jamie Oliver really is a diamond geezer? Maybe Ainsley […]

Financial freedom

The idea of quitting work and never working again is “The Hook” of financial independence.  It’s the thing that first captures people’s attention. How do we know this? Well, it’s always the thing that the mainstream media focus on when they feature financial independence.  The Media know they have to lead with something that catches people’s […]