As I may have mentioned before, if you are in debt or working a job you don’t like, then you are a prisoner. Maybe you like your job (most of the time) but you’d just like more choices and more flexibility in your life? Escape is possible. But you probably need a plan. What is […]

Getting rich slowly is the safest way. Getting rich slowly is the most reliable way. It may be the only realistic way. Waiting to win the lottery is waiting to be chosen by a universe that’s indifferent to our existence. Day trading only makes the banks and brokers rich. Working at a startup is much better […]

Welcome! If you are interested in financial freedom, then you are in the right place. The blog This website is my shop window. It’s free and in full view on the internet where anyone can find it and learn from it. This website is where I explain the basic concepts of financial independence as simply […]

Many years ago, I was on holiday in the Deep South of The United States. It was a road trip and we were touring round Georgia, Alabama and Florida. I have particularly fond memories of one restaurant that we went to. It was called The Crab Shack. The Crab Shack was quirky, hilarious and brilliant. […]

I often do financial coaching with young(ish) professionals (lawyers / accountants / bankers / techies / doctors etc) who are trying to make the leap to partner / MD / board level. One of my suggestions to them may seem irritatingly vague and hand-wavy at first glance… …but please bear with me because there’s more […]

You are probably familiar with the J curve of exponential growth by now. You hopefully already know the story of Kate who turns £15,000 into just over £1 million…without saving another penny after the age of 25. True, inflation means that a million pounds isn’t worth as much as it used to be.  But still…not too shabby. You can check […]

If you want to escape The Prison Camp, there are 2 things you need to know about bureaucracy. Firstly, sometimes you just have to follow the rules. Some things are non-negotiable for us. This is Lesson 1 and most of us learn this at school. For example, when you apply for a passport, you need to […]

It has been brought to my attention that most people don’t read “the stupid music ones”. Which is a shame because The Stupid Music Ones contain some of my best work. Come with me as we decipher the musical mysteries not just of finance but also Life, The Universe And Everything. Yes, that’s right…The Escape […]

When I was starting my blog seven years ago, I noticed other blogs had small print at the bottom of the page that said: © [Insert name of blogger]. All Rights Reserved I then consulted a book about blogging which also said I needed to include that legal wording. And yet I didn’t. Take a look…it’s […]

The internet was originally a network of military / government / academic computers. Web 1.0 was based on open protocols: the web was built on the HTTP protocol and email was built on SMTP.  These were the platforms on which website designers and other developers built. The problem for us was that Web 1.0 was mostly static webpages […]