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If you would like to achieve freedom and financial independence as quickly as possible, I can teach you what I learned over 20+ years.

I offer coaching and here’s how it works.

I help people to achieve financial freedom, plan for early retirement, career change or just manage their money better.

I do this through financial coaching. You can think of this like having a personal fitness trainer alongside you…but for money rather than for exercise.

My approach is very different from traditional financial advice. I’m not on commission and I will never try to sell you anything.

I provide education, tuition and support to people who gain confidence making their own decisions. I don’t provide regulated investment advice or recommendations or hold client money. Rather, I give you the tools to make your own decisions.

The coaching works best face to face. As a result, I usually work with people in and around London or the South East of England.  But I am happy to run sessions via Skype or by phone for those people that live further away.  I’ve done this for people in the USA, the Middle East and Australia as well as the UK.

If you’d like to chat further about how this might help you, drop me an email or you can give me a call on 07985 028700.  I look forward to speaking with you!

What clients say

“My husband and I had a coaching session with TEA…and he was fantastic. He added so much value…”

“consider a meeting with TEA. He’s a good guy, very easy to talk to, speaks plainly, and makes a great sounding board”

“unique combination of impressive financial knowledge with the softer side of personal development. Thoroughly recommended…”

“I got way more from the session than I ever thought possible”

“the value you will get from him is beyond money”

You can check out more client feedback in the comments below.

How would you benefit?

You will get rich. Slowly but surely over time. It may not always be easy, but it is simple.

You get to pick the brain of someone that has already faced the issues that you are facing. You get to ask questions and bounce ideas off someone who has achieved financial freedom.

You get the confidence of knowing whether you are on the right track. You get transparency from me (I will tell you anything you want to know about how I invest, spend less and earn more) and total confidentiality.

I have a degree in economics, I qualified as a chartered accountant and then worked in corporate finance in the City for almost 20 years…whilst managing my own portfolio and finances to financial independence.

There are lots of different areas where I can help.  We can focus on what is most important to you but here are some of the things that I have helped people with:

  • how to learn about investing
  • how to plan for life changes such as retirement, moving country, changing careers
  • how to take control of your own portfolio and reduce costs
  • how to spend less
  • how to start & grow an online business or lifestyle business
  • how to deal with stress at work
  • how to overcome financial anxiety
  • how to get your partner on board with early retirement
  • how to think about asset allocation, diversification and volatility
  • financial independence – how much is enough?

Am I offering an easy shortcut to financial freedom?

Yes and no. There are no tricks, no get rich quick schemes and no gimmicks. You still have to do the work of spending less than you make, investing wisely and optimising your tax position.

There aren’t any secrets that you couldn’t find yourself if you spent years researching financial independence. But if you want to greatly accelerate your learning process, you can pick my mind in a few hours for what I learned over the last 25 years.

Why have coaching?

For the same reasons that all top sports people and business executives have coaching.

Reading books and blogs is great, but for many people its not enough: we learn best when we combine reading with a mixture of Q&A, personal interaction, accountability, discussion, encouragement and practical guidance.

Getting to financial independence is as much about psychology and motivation as it is about the simple mechanics of earning more, spending less and investing wisely and on a tax efficient basis. Talking these issues through with someone that has been through them before is hugely beneficial for most people.

Here’s what Vanguard say on the subject:

Clients may not realize they need coaching, but many do. In the investing world, clients’ otherwise sensible instincts and habits can fall short. For example, as consumers, they often rely on product ratings and customer reviews to make informed purchase decisions. Yet as investors, this approach is likely to lead them astray.

It’s widely accepted that “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” Yet cash inflows invariably follow high performance ratings, despite the fact that funds have tended to underperform in the period immediately following a high rating. This historical tendency strongly indicates that, contrary to many investors’ expectations, fund ratings are likely to be poor criteria for investment decisions.

Similarly, when portfolio balances spike and dip during periods of market volatility, it’s natural to want to do something rather than stand by and watch. But, historically, investors who followed the urge to flee missed not only the worst trading days, but also the best. And after attempting to time the market for reentry, many investors find that what they’ve ultimately accomplished is selling low and buying high.

But what exactly is behavioral coaching? From a practical standpoint, it’s a matter of helping clients maintain the perspective needed to make sound investment choices—to act or to resist acting—in ways that maintain adherence to their financial plans and keep their portfolios on track for the long run.

How to get best value

Everyone is different and has different areas that they want to focus on. The coaching sessions work best when you have identified beforehand what areas you would like help with. So I ask clients to email me beforehand with a list of questions or discussion topics.  The list can be as short (a few bullet points) or as long as you want.  The important thing is to have some structure for the session and ensure we cover all the key points you want covered.

Many people only need one coaching session. They get enough from a single session to go away and put the lessons into effect in their own life.  If you want follow up sessions (for example every six months) that’s fine too and I do that for some people.

What do I charge and why?

I value my time highly. I’m sure you value your time highly as well.  By charging, I ration my time and ensure that I’m focussed on giving you my undivided attention.  I take this every bit as seriously as when I worked on large corporate deals in the City (when my charge out rate was many times what I charge now).

I charge £200 for an in-depth first session (anything up to 2 hours).

Follow up sessions are £80 per hour. So if you wanted just a half hour call, that would be £40, a two hour meeting would be £160 and so on.

You can pay securely either by bank transfer or by PayPal.

I’m happy to speak on the phone initially with no charge so we can both decide if there is a good “fit”.

If you’re curious and would like to find out more, please email me on  or call me on 07985 028700

I look forward to speaking with you!

The Escape Artist

I provide financial information, tuition and coaching to help individuals take their own decisions but I do not provide investment or tax advice.

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  1. I have personally talked with TEA on more than a few occasions and always look forward (with accountability) to the next time. I cannot tell you how much value he brings to light. I was previously on a path which did not work out so I asked him objectively to help me navigate growing my income while saving more. He constantly had ideas which we worked through until we came up with an plan based on my resume and past career. TEA’s mind works so well to lead you onto a good path that works for you and your situation. He is also not afraid to give you his resources in order that you may grow in financial wisdom and independence. I highly recommend him as a coach both in finance and in your career.

  2. I had my 2nd coaching session with TEA and boy did it knock my socks off!

    We started talking about investing but went a lot deeper than that and TEA was able identify a blindspot for me regarding career progression. Turns out the issue for me was not really about investing but inner game. TEA was able to identify and discuss this in a way which totally made sense to me.

    Highly recommended for anyone wanting investing or general life coaching. This stuff is invaluable!

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