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The 3 numbers that can make you a millionaire

Last week I gave a talk to a room of people about 3 numbers that can change your life. I’d been invited to speak to a London team of an American multinational company by a reader who is a good guy and an unusually enlightened manager. He’d been struck by the lack of unbiased financial […]

Understanding your money blueprint (Part 1)

What if the entire personal finance industry is focussing us on the wrong things? What if the key to getting rich is not just choosing good investments?…important though that is. Instead, what if the key to getting rich lies in how we think about money and wealth? Mental models are ways of looking at the world. […]

Baby steps for future millionaires

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. For those that are new to the concept of financial independence, here are 10 baby steps on The Path to becoming a millionaire. Re-programming our habits eventually creates incredible results. The magic is in the aggregation of marginal gains. 1. Go one day without spending […]