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Get rich…in Monk Mode

Now is the perfect time to experience what I call Monk Mode. Monk Mode is where you spend NO MONEY other than needed for food and utilities. In Monk Mode you work, you think and you rest. Then you repeat. Millions of people are currently discovering some version of Monk Mode for the first time. […]

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 20

I was chatting to a friend who reads this blog. She told me that she reads every article…except “those stupid music ones”…please could I stop doing those? Being a Nice Guy, I said I’d think about it. So I thought about it…and here we are. Yes, The Escape Artist is back to review more classic songs […]

The inestimable advantages of having a plan

Do you remember when people were arguing bitterly over Brexit? Or debating transgender toilets and other such woke nonsense? That seems like an age ago now. There’s nothing quite like a pandemic or a zombie apocalypse to focus the mind and bring perspective to our first world problems. And tough times have the potential to bring […]

Victory is Inevitable (Part 2)

It’s always darkest just before the dawn. It may not feel like it but we are already through the most dangerous time. What do I mean by that? We are certainly not through the health impact of COVID-19. Nor are we through the economic aftershocks which are coming down the road towards us. These will […]

Victory is Inevitable (Part 1)

On a long enough timeline, your chances of getting wealthy are close to 100%. Wealth accumulation is the ultimate long game. If you stick with it for long enough, there are only 2 outcomes. One is that you get wealthy (compared to where you are now). The other is that the world as we know […]


Believe it or not, The Escape Artist comes from a Labour family. My earliest political memory was in May 1979 when I woke up one morning to an unusually grim atmosphere. I was told that something VERY BAD had happened and that someone called “Mrs Thatcher” was going to RUIN EVERYTHING. This was a worry […]

Sweat Those Assets!

Let’s say you own a boat / caravan / painting that’s sat idle in your garage worth £10,000. You didn’t use it last year and it earned you nothing. But if you’d sold it and invested the cash in a global equities tracker fund, last year you’d have made £2,200 (22%). In a more average […]