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Sex, Salads and Sources

In this article, I will be making outrageous claims and unbelievable statements. I will also be shamelessly shilling a book about your health. If you choose to read on…you were warned. Don’t come crying to me later, snowflakes. You’re not gonna believe this but… I do not expect you to believe a word of this […]

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence! 32

Some said the NOW FI! franchise was dead… …many certainly hoped that was the case. Some said that that it should be banned. Others said it should be put in a museum where nobody could be offended by it. But where would be the fun in that? The Chains (Joel Madison Blount) The Escape Artist […]

Personal finance can be made simple

The 10 point list below may not cover everything you need to know to reach financial independence… …but it’s not a bad place to start. Makes you wonder why this isn’t taught in school or by the media? 1. Get a job… …preferably in a growth industry & a role doing something hard where you can’t […]

Your % savings rate is the most important number

Originally published 2020, updated September 2022 In personal finance, The Good Old Days were actually The Bad Old Days. In the Bad Old Days, before people knew about financial independence, there were financial advisers who acted as The Gatekeepers to investing. People did not know how to invest themselves (sadly, many still don’t) and you […]

Treats and rewards

I’ve had my first alcoholic drink for over 3 months but, if I’m honest, it was a bit of a letdown. I’ve fallen out of the habit and now seem to be one of those weird “I can take it or leave it” people. The moral of the story seems to be that you can break just […]

Dopamine, Motivation and The Pursuit of More

Here are three experiments that are free, fun and ridiculously simple to run…yet have the potential to change your life. If combined, these might just transform your motivation and your lived experience (as The Kidz say): 1. Start your day outside2. Have one month off your drug of choice 3. Get daily cold water exposure (e.g. cold showers / natural […]

Geographic arbitrage and the beauty of having a Plan B

I once helped cure the financial anxiety of a French fund manager. He was stressed out by his job (he was worried – with some justification – that the robots were coming for him) and his London lifestyle. Perhaps you too would like to feel less anxious (and get better with money)? If so, please continue and I […]

Do you need a plan?

As I may have mentioned before, if you are in debt or working a job you don’t like, then you are a prisoner. Maybe you like your job (most of the time) but you’d just like more choices and more flexibility in your life? Escape is possible. But you probably need a plan. What is […]

Get Rich Slowly, Get Started Quickly

Getting rich slowly is the safest way. Getting rich slowly is the most reliable way. It may be the only realistic way. Waiting to win the lottery is waiting to be chosen by a universe that’s indifferent to our existence. Day trading only makes the banks and brokers rich. Working at a startup is much better […]

How it works

Welcome! If you are interested in financial freedom, then you are in the right place. The blog This website is my shop window. It’s free and in full view on the internet where anyone can find it and learn from it. On this website I explain the basic concepts of financial independence as simply as […]