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The Fasting Experiment (Part 2)

Back in 2014 I posted Get Rich…Fast in which I wrote about the benefits of fasting. I’ll say upfront that this is not about penny pinching or cost savings. Good food is one of the great joys of life and we are optimising for happiness around here. No, the main benefit from fasting is from strengthening […]

Now That’s What I Call Financial Independence! 14

When you grow up in the ‘hood, you do what it takes to stay alive. And when you grow up in East Anglia you do what it takes not to get bored. So back in the day, The Escape Artist was sometimes a bit of a naughty schoolboy and would then find himself doing “lines” […]

Why would anyone write a blog?!?

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but in my case it all started out harmlessly enough. Back in 2013, I stumbled across a website called Mr Money Mustache. Here I find some bloke making some pretty bold claims…saying he retired age 30 and that anyone can get rich by following some simple steps. Well […]

The Inestimable Advantages of Lifting Weights

In last week’s article, The FIREman talked about the challenge of depression. What if there were a medical intervention more effective than anti-depressant drugs? What if it also worked on low level anxiety? What if it actually made you more confident? Not to mention better looking. Well it turns out there is. It’s called “exercise”. […]

The Importance of Mindset

Discussions about money often involve people talking at cross purposes. Some talk cheerfully about how achieving financial independence is possible…even simple. Others emphasise the barriers (e.g. high taxes, low incomes, stockmarket volatility, unhelpful government etc etc). It’s like they’re talking different languages…or looking at the world through a different lens.  These different perspectives fascinate me […]

Get Rich…Watching Films! (Part II)

One of the earlier articles on this blog that was most fun to write was the blockbuster post Get Rich by….Watching Films. Just like every Hollywood hit needs a sequel to maximise box office and merchandising revenue, The Escape Artist is not above spreading The Butter of Creativity over The Toast of Repetition with a sequel post. So The Escape Artist is […]

Financial Independence and the Zombie Apocalypse

The modern Western world is incredibly safe and prosperous. Despite the best efforts of the media to persuade you otherwise, our society is so safe that we now get our thrill seeking and risk vicariously from watching TV series like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I’ve given up watching most TV but […]

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains (Part 1)

If you grew up in Britain in the 80s, you’d know that back then cycling about as about as popular as leprosy amongst the general public. Cycling was for kids, the French and people that could not afford a car. Back then, the idea of a British team winning the Tour de France or dominating Olympic cycling seemed […]

Now that’s what I call Financial Independence!

Without further ado, here are The Escape Artist’s Top Anthems of Financial Independence… Working 9 to 5  (Dolly Parton) Was there ever a more under-rated thinker and businesswoman than Dolly Parton? For someone that never worked a cubicle, Dolly has an remarkable understanding of the dynamics of the Prison Camp. Don’t be fooled by the boobs, blonde hair and […]