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Get Rich with…cooling off periods

Imagine a 5 year old in a toy shop. The 5 year old sees a magic frog or a lightsabre or a pink princess doll. They are hit as if by a lightning bolt and are instantly in love. THEY GOTTA HAVE THAT SHIT AND THEY GOTTA HAVE IT NOW!! The child senses that Mum […]

Phew, What a scorcher! The £90 swimming pool

Summer is here! Its over 25C, the sun is shining and this year The Escape Artist will not be spending the summer stuck in an office. It’s even hot enough to use our new swimming pool.  I want to tell you about this, but not to brag.  Instead I want to give an example of how everything we think we […]

3 paths to spending like a Jedi

Have you noticed that old people spend less on showing off than younger people? If you want to visualise this, watch The Empire Strikes Back and count how many times you see Yoda going designer shopping or clubbing. There are lots of good reasons why you might want to speak to an older person now […]

Lifestyle Inflation and the FI-o-Meter

The conventional wisdom is often wrong.  Sometimes the problem is not the stuff we don’t know. Its that the stuff we think we know is often wrong. I recently learnt something about financial independence that I want to share with you as an example of this.  I had always assumed that earning a higher salary must be […]

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

If you grew up in Britain in the 80s, you’d know that back then cycling was not much more popular amongst the general public than leprosy.  Cycling was for kids, the French and people that could not afford a car. Back then, the idea of a British team winning the Tour de France or dominating Olympic cycling seemed about as […]

Get rich without…shopping

At some point in the twentieth century, we swallowed the strange idea that shopping is a fun leisure activity. The Escape Artist has never been that keen on shopping.   There’s something a bit sad about seeing debt junkies and Walking Wallets dragged around shopping centres on invisible leads. But we all want stuff sometimes. So the question is how […]

The School Run : What car?

Its September and the children have gone back to school! With my newly won free time, I’ve been doing the school run.  I cycled with our 8 year old to the local primary school last week and was struck by the cars and the congestion at the school gate.  It was a bit like someone had arranged a  Monster […]

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Top 10 ways to cut spending

A reader asked for a top 10 list of cost savings for escapees. So here are my top 10 “big wins” for cutting spending. This is only a brief introduction – each merits a deeper dive, so I’ll return to them in future posts. 1. Debt interest This is the big black hole for most […]