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The 3 numbers that can make you a millionaire

Last week I gave a talk to a room of people about 3 numbers that can change your life. I’d been invited to speak to a London team of an American multinational company by a reader who is a good guy and an unusually enlightened manager. He’d been struck by the lack of unbiased financial […]

Honey, I fired the wealth manager!

One of the great things about a blog is the comments, emails and other feedback from readers.  Best of all are reader success stories like the one I have for you today. Like everything good, the rewards of blogging are not always obvious at first. You share your insights and try to make the world a […]

Investing with the Automatic Pilot

Over the last few years, investing has been like flying a passenger jet in near perfect weather conditions. Sure, things started off rough in 2008/9, there was the odd squall in 2011 and there have often been storm clouds on the horizon. But, for the most part, there has been a tailwind, no turbulence and the Captain has been […]

How to break up with your wealth manager

Reader: OK, T.E.A. – I’m the customer of a wealth manager or financial adviser and I read your previous post on being screwed.  I’ve a nasty feeling I’m paying a shit load of fees for underperformance but I’m nervous about changing.  It would be hard for me to leave…who would I speak to when the news headlines are […]

Ketchup from the bottle

I’ve just got back from 2 weeks on holiday in Spain. One of the fun parts of holidays is tuning out from financial markets and thinking about other stuff before returning and seeing what has changed in the portfolio over the period. We stayed in a holiday apartment which did not have Wifi and one of […]

Let’s make a hedge fund!

The Escape Artist does not recommend investing in hedge funds but has noticed that managing one can be remarkably remunerative…so today we are going to learn how to start a hedge fund. Lets make a hedge fund! OK, boys and girls!  It’s a lovely day here at prep school and its been a while since the last global […]