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How to spot a conflict of interests (Part 2)

In Part One we explored why you should never ask a barber if you need a haircut. That and why you shouldn’t rely on instructions from Proctor & Gamble for how much of their washing liquid to use. Today in Part Two we are going to look a bit closer at conflicts of interest in […]

Financial Independence is for Everyone (Part 3)

This is Part 3 in an occasional series. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here. It was the week before Christmas, it was 4.45 in the morning and my alarm was going off. Time to get up and go to work. What?!? Aren’t FI bloggers supposed to preach the benefits of loafing […]

Pay It Forward

Legend has it there was an ancient Chinese tradition whereby a person who receives a favour should not pay it back but should instead pay it forward to someone else. The idea was that if you return a good deed to the person who helped you, you cancel it out and end it. Better to […]

The City workers guide to festivals : FAQs

The Escape Artist is back from a long weekend at the Latitude festival. This was a lot of fun – even better than Glastonbury for my money – and there were some interesting takeaways that I want to share. This blog is read by all sorts of people. Including many in financial services: bankers, hedge fund and private […]

Let’s make a hedge fund!

The Escape Artist does not recommend investing in hedge funds but has noticed that managing one can be remarkably remunerative…so today we are going to learn how to start a hedge fund. Lets make a hedge fund! OK, boys and girls!  It’s a lovely day here at prep school and its been a while since the last global […]