PodcastSo…to prove that that I’m a real person with a voice and everything, I did some interviews.

And I’ve got a couple more planned.  If they’re any good, I’ll post them up here when they’re done.

And if they’re not…to be honest, I’ll probably post them up here anyway 😉


1. The Rejected Podcast (its all about how to deal with failure)

For details of the How to Fail class at The School of Life click here


2. How To Retire at 40 : Channel 4 TV

Brief…and not one for FI purists! 😉


3. Interview with The Telegraph


Click here to access the article


4. Choose FI podcast (coming soon)











The episode will be here (coming in November?)

Mr. Money Mustache

You can escape to financial freedom...

Altucher Confidential

You can escape to financial freedom...


You can escape to financial freedom...

Mad Fientist

Financial Independence


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