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Convergence (Part 2)

In Part 1, We covered how different classes of risk asset (equities, venture capital and crypto) have started to converge. In this Part 2, we cover how the regulation of crypto will converge with that of the existing financial system. I don’t want to alarm anyone but the current financial system is screwed. The good […]

Convergence (Part 1)

We save and invest in productive assets to build wealth and live the life that we want. The objective is financial freedom. Money is just a tool that allows us to achieve that goal. Equities and property have traditionally been the asset classes that provided the “engine” of a portfolio: they delivered the highest returns for […]

The Purpose Of Frugality Is To Get Your Stake Money Together

Not buying stuff is easy. It became my default mode years ago. I don’t identify as frugal…if I want something, I’ll buy it…it’s just that I don’t want more stuff. Generally, I don’t want the extra hassle involved. Everyone has a different view of what “enough” looks like. It’s all relative.  Is Bill Gates being […]

Lessons from The Great Crypto Crash of May 2021

Last week I wrote about crypto and said it was in a bubble: Yes, this is a bubble. Yes, lots of punters will get rekt (as the lingo goes). Traders gonna trade and it’s not my job or your job to save them. It would have been good if my time machine had been working […]

What’s at the bottom of The Crypto Rabbit Hole? (Part 2)

In Part 1, I explained that I was late to crypto because what I saw at first glance (a speculative frenzy) had put me off. But I was wrong. Things get more and more interesting as you go further down the rabbit hole. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to persuade anyone […]