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What if you know nothing about investing?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give a talk to the support staff at a company about their workplace pension choices…now that pension auto-enrollment is being introduced. Everyone there was female…other than one token male and The Escape Artist.  Some knew a lot about investing but most didn’t. And being women, they were […]

The Simplicity Portfolio : now available in your country

Back in July 2015, I published The Simplicity Portfolio as my free gift to The People of Britain. And what a gift it turned out to be! In its first year, the Simplicity Portfolio delivered a total return of +12.5% for the version that included 25% cash and +16.3% for the all-equities version. Heroically, The Escape Artist managed this without […]

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The Simplicity Portfolio : 1 year on

Just over a year ago, I wrote The Simplicity Portfolio. As has been said before, a year is the time it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun and not necessarily the appropriate period over which to judge investment performance. But The Escape Artist has observed that the world would benefit from some financial education. So let’s […]

International investing is Easy

Whatever your views on the EU referendum, last week was a reminder of the value of international diversification. Despite the scary headlines, a UK based investor with a sensibly diversified portfolio would have ended the week richer (measured in £) than they started. Below is an updated post that I originally published last year.  It’s as […]

P2P Lending : A warning from The Richest Man in Babylon

Today’s post is from Arkad, who achieved financial independence over 6,000 years ago in the ancient city of Babylon. Arkad learned the ancient laws of money and, as a result, became The Richest Man in Babylon, the subject of the classic personal finance book of the same name. Now you may be wondering what relevance this […]

Cohort analysis for active investors

Warning!  This week’s article is geeky and technical. Like The Investor over at the excellent Monevator site, I invest actively via stockpicking. But most people are probably better off investing on autopilot, dripping money into index trackers each month and getting on with life. As I’ve said before, investing can be made really simple.  Cohort analysis for active […]

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Get unstuck : The freeze response in finance

Why do so many people get “stuck” when trying to invest? And how can we get unstuck? Everyone is different, but a common thing I see in investing is that when people are anxious, they often “freeze”. They stop taking action and then get stuck.  In my financial coaching I help those people get unstuck. This may seem strange for all […]

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You can escape to financial freedom...

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