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Now that’s what I call financial independence! 13

During Chinese water torture, victims would be strapped down so they couldn’t move, and water would then be dripped slowly and repeatedly onto a small area of their body—usually the forehead. Drip…Drip…Drip…with enough repetition, the victim would eventually be driven insane. Yet even this death by a thousand drops is said by critics of The […]

Building blocks of a wealthy society : #1 Free Speech

I have a confession to make. The Escape Artist is not a self-made man…I didn’t do it on my own. There’s a saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it certainly takes a society to become wealthy. I grew up in a society with the building blocks to allow people to get […]

Mr. Money Mustache

You can escape to financial freedom...

Altucher Confidential

You can escape to financial freedom...


You can escape to financial freedom...

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Financial Independence


The Simple Path to Wealth