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How to break up with your wealth manager

Reader: OK, T.E.A. – I’m the customer of a wealth manager or financial adviser and I read your previous post on being screwed.  I’ve a nasty feeling I’m paying a shit load of fees for underperformance but I’m nervous about changing.  It would be hard for me to leave…who would I speak to when the news headlines are […]

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Day trading: Frankie goes to Vegas

Charlie Munger likes to invert problems. He says he’d like to know where he is destined to die. Why? He explains: “So I can then be sure never to go there”. Similarly, one way to get rich is to think about how to get poor…..and then do the opposite. A good example of this is day trading. […]

A tale of 2 bear markets

I have a confession to make. Along The Path to financial independence, The Escape Artist made plenty of mistakes, including the occasional cluster-fuck. Here is the story of how I screwed up in one bear market and learned the lessons to make money in the next one. In bull markets, investors often become complacent. As […]

Is your financial adviser screwing you?

I’m going to turn down a new job tomorrow. People keep telling me┬áthat I’ll need to get another job…for mental stimulation even if not for the money. They may be right about that, but this particular job is not for me. Its not because I can’t do the job. Its a wealth management role that […]