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Get Rich with…Feminism

What has feminism got to do with financial independence? Well…quite a lot actually. The Escape Artist knows a lot of complicated shit about finance.  I don’t usually include it in my blogposts but today I’m gonna start with some advanced level stuff: All else being equal, a couple that both work are likely to earn more […]

Financial independence is for everyone

One of the funny things about financial independence is hearing the objections made against it.  Most are pitifully thin. For example, one of the more bizarre criticisms is that financial independence is only relevant for high earners. Errr…hello???…if you’re not a high earner, its even more important not to piss your money away on ridiculous spending. […]

The secrets of peak performance

Bizarrely, personal finance is an area of life where most people have no idea what high performance looks like. Or what it takes. Talking openly about money is still taboo.  So most people that are good at saving keep their head down and quietly get on with it. That leaves newspaper journalists and editors trying […]

The striking similarities between getting rich and getting ripped

With financial independence comes extra free time. One way that I’ve chosen to spend mine has been on my fitness. And over the past year, I’ve changed my exercise focus towards strength and flexibility. In the past, I’ve found just going to the gym to lift weights BORING.  And, by myself, the motivation just wasn’t […]

How to make a big decision

Success in financial independence and in life depends on the decisions you make. Most decisions are small (and easily reversible if they go wrong). But what if you have a big life decision to make? Something like choosing a job, leaving a job, getting married or buying a house etc.  In these situations, getting it […]

Reader Case Study : Freedom through Self Employment

Here at The Escape Artist we’re talking about how to achieve freedom and happiness. There are different routes to these destinations. I’ve written about holding down a stressful job and investing your way to financial independence because that’s what I did. But there are other ways to achieve greater freedom in your work and in your […]

What gets measured, gets managed

It’s a universal law in business and in life generally that what gets measured, gets managed. People who are broke probably didn’t get that way by tracking every pound that they wasted…nope, they usually have no idea where it all went. We usually get more of the things that we pay attention to.  If you […]

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You can escape to financial freedom...


You can escape to financial freedom...

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