LONDON, UK, 05.08.2012 - OLIMPIADAS DE LONDRES 2012 - 

Stoicism has a bit of an image problem. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, its philosophy.  So people often assume its all poncey horseshit where perpetual students with goatee beards and berets bicker in cafes over the meaning of words whilst smoking French cigarettes and generally being a bellend. Not true. I don’t smoke […]


1. Rich Girl (Gwen Stefani) Being human, we all have flaws. And we’re often inconsistent in how we think about money.  Gwen Stefani shows some of these confusions here.  On the one hand, she illustrates the consumer sucker attitude that spending more money is the way to salvation and happiness: Think what that money could bring I’d buy […]


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. So, for people just getting started towards financial independence, here are 10 more baby steps on The Path to becoming a millionaire. Re-programming our habits eventually creates incredible results. The magic is in the aggregation of marginal gains. 1. Have a taste testing Rather than going out to a […]


I don’t watch The News on TV or read newspaper articles…other than when readers send me the occasional gem. I think of The News as like the announcements made over The Tannoy System in The Prison Camp: a loud stream of misinformation, propaganda and general bullshit. I started avoiding the news as a deliberate part of […]


Reader’s voice: Hold on…what’s this? Is The Escape Artist suggesting I watch the Gogglebox when I could be riding my bike, managing my own portfolio or growing my own veg? Isn’t TV just a form of slow lobotomy for consumer suckers?  Well, yes and no.  True, advertising and TV news are toxic. And, according to […]


Last Thursday evening, a very strange thing happened. A whole bunch of strangers talked to each other!….in London!  I know! It was the first meet up of the Financial Independence London Facebook group that The Escape Artist had attended…at The Old Bank of England pub, Fleet St. In the USA, they have conferences like Fincon […]


Imagine 2 groups of people. The first group are uncomfortable with positive thinking, motivational posters and tanned gurus with headsets bounding around a conference arena urging people to live their dreams. Let’s call this group The Realists.  These people think of themselves as rational.  They believe in science. They don’t believe in Magic Fairydust or Pixie […]

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You can escape to financial freedom...

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