The Escape Artist is back once again in the guise of a music critic from the NME…armed with earnest prose, tortuous metaphors and psycho-babble to review more classic songs about financial independence. I know what you’re thinking…not another one.  Can’t he go back to writing stuff like The Simplicity Portfolio that’s better than you’d get […]

What has feminism got to do with financial independence? Well…quite a lot actually. The Escape Artist knows a lot of complicated shit about finance.  I don’t usually include it in my blogposts but today I’m gonna start with some advanced level stuff: All else being equal, a couple that both work are likely to earn more […]

I’m not going to soft soap this week’s message, which is that: Getting your financial shit together is an emergency. Generally, I don’t like the alarmism of the news media who grab our attention by revelling in reporting the latest miseries from all around the world…most of which we don’t need to know. The Escape […]

Let’s play a fun game…let’s imagine you’ve just won the lottery! You’ll soon be handed one of those outsized cheques for £5million and will have that slightly awkward moment when you struggle to squeeze it through the doors of your bank to pay it in. Unlikely…you say? Well..let’s be honest, the odds are pretty slim…what […]

Just a quick note to say that Alan Donegan and I did a podcast about the UK path to financial independence over at the popular American podcast Choose FI. Click here to listen to the episode. Enjoy! You can check out my other interviews / talks here.

One of the funny things about financial independence is hearing the objections made against it.  Most are pitifully thin. For example, one of the more bizarre criticisms is that financial independence is only relevant for high earners. Errr…hello???…if you’re not a high earner, its even more important not to piss your money away on ridiculous spending. […]

Capitalism is an incredibly productive system for providing what people want and are prepared to pay for. Sadly, it lets us down when we want things that are bad for us.  Or, perhaps more accurately, we let ourselves down. Take mobility scooters for example. Let’s agree upfront that some people have no other choice in […]

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